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Our Experiences

Our Travel Experiences

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Here at Heffernan’s we greatly value our staff travel experiences and we thought we’d share a few of them with you!

Aneta Kwiatkowska - Travel Consultant imag0217_1


Specializes in:

  • City Breaks,
  • Disneyland,
  • Summer & Winter Sun.
  • We asked Aneta to give us a few of her top favorite destinations, this is what she chose : Greece, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Egypt, Mauritius, Germany & Poland.
  • "I love everything about Greece, especially the friendly people, the cuisine and the massive amount of ancient ruins that dot this vibrant country! I wouldn’t say that this is the only country that I love.."

  • She recently visited  Istanbul & Mauritius, find out what she loved and what she would recommend by clicking on the links.[aio_button align="none" animation="none" color="blue" size="medium" icon="none" text="ISTANBUL" relationship="dofollow" url=""] [aio_button align="none" animation="none" color="blue" size="medium" icon="none" text="MAURITIUS" relationship="dofollow" url=""]