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Aneta Kwiatkowska - Travel Consultant imag0217_1


Specializes in:

  • City Breaks,
  • Disneyland,
  • Summer & Winter Sun.
  • We asked Aneta to give us a few of her top favorite destinations, this is what she chose : Greece, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Egypt, Mauritius, Germany & Poland.
  • "I love everything about Greece, especially the friendly people, the tantalizing cuisine and the massive amount of ancient ruins that dot this vibrant country! I wouldn’t say that this is the only country that I love.."

  • She recently visited  Istanbul & Mauritius, find out what she loved about Mauritius ( below) and what sights she would recommend seeing in Istanbul by clicking on the button.[aio_button align="none" animation="none" color="blue" size="medium" icon="none" text="ISTANBUL" relationship="dofollow" url=""]

If Paradise exists it will look like Mauritius!

My journey begins at Dublin Airport, after a short stop in Istanbul (you can read about this experience here!) and just a few hours later, I’ve arrived in Mauritius.

From the second you set foot on this beautiful island, you will be immersed in its magnificent sparkling beaches and dazzling seascapes.

Never have I seen so many different shades of blue pooled in one place.  Between turquoise blue coves and lagoons, which can be found and seen from almost anywhere on the island, to the ever changing azure blue skies during daytime and fabulous sapphire blue skies at night.

Mauritius’s best feature is without a doubt its stunning beaches!

You will never forget the feeling of plunging your feet into warm, silky sand as the sun shines through picturesque palm trees, casting dancing shadows all around.

This is an experience completely different to any other.


Away from the Lagoons and endless beaches, visitors can explore in-land Mauritius with it’s massive banana plantations that stretch almost all the way up its vast mountains and hills. If you’re lucky you’ll catch sight of some of the islands infamous monkeys!


Did you know that Mauritius is home to a very unique Palm Tree that’s only found here? The Loneliest Palm is truly unique to Mauritius, with good reason for having such a sad name – there’s only one specimen on the whole island ( and world) which can be found in the Botanical Garden.








If you’re planning a day-trip, the Botanical Garden should rank high on your list of places to go!
The gardens are home to a range of different plant species and even a set of  Domed Mauritius Giant Tortoise’s.



While Banana trees are the most common sight in Mauritius today, not too long ago, Sugar Cane Plantations used to encompass the whole island.
If you would like to delve deeper into Mauritian history then a visit to the Sugar Museum is a must!
You will be able to see how the sugar-cane was made into molasses and sugar in the olden days and even taste the real thing!




Once you’re in Mauritius you have to taste Creole Cuisine – A fabulous ethnic mix of Indian, African and European food.
There is a great little restaurant in the Sugar Museum Gardens where you can get a taste of the island!
At one point during my visit, I was invited on board a Catamaran Cruise, we explored the magnificent coastline dotted with its pretty little coves and hidden beaches, where we were served a sumptuous feast of grilled fish and freshly squeezed fruit juice.



Mauritius                       imag0946

Another great place that should feature on your bucket list is the Capital City, Port Louis – an eclectic mix of modern architecture together with the more traditional French colonial era buildings, that are home to some fabulous souvenir shops, but also some well known brands to ensure you don’t feel to far from home!

Image result for dodo
A little known fact that you probably never knew, is that the now extinct Dodo – a unique bird, native to Mauritius, used to breed in their thousands and live on the coastal cliffs of this island. Unable to fly, the Dodo made an easy catch for sailors, that would land on the island to restock their ships, as they continued on their sea-voyages. The last known sighting of the bird was in 1662 so sadly you will not catch any real life sightings of the bird but there are plenty of Dodo souvenirs to choose from!