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Whitsunday islands holidays, holidays abroad


There is no limit to the sheer beauty of The Whitsunday islands! Lying in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, in the warm waters of Australia’s coral sea are the 74 stunning tropical islands.

Most of the islands are uninhabited, due to the fact that they are covered by dense rainforest, however these islands make for excellent hiking trails and have beautiful white flour-like sanded beaches to relax on! Sailing around the islands is extremely fun… but also essential are there is no other method of transportation between them!

whitsundays-12 We chose to sail a boat called the New Horizon… which more than exceeded our expectations! Our 3 days on the boat were action packed, we did everything you could think of: snorkelling, scuba diving, stand up paddle boarding, synchronised diving, sliding down our water slide into the sea, fish feeding, learning how to sail, and even taking a hand at the wheel! Each evening we played card games and board games from different countries around the world, before relaxing on the deck under a blanket of twinkling stars.. some of which were shooting stars! It really and truly was an incredible trip!

whitsundays-14 My absolute favourite part of the trip was our visit to Whitehaven beach… I genuinely didn’t realise places as pretty as this existed in real life! The crystal clear aqua waters and pristine silica sand (which cleans your teeth and your jewellery!) stretch over seven kilometres along Whitsunday Island , the largest of the 74 islands in the Whitsundays! As soon as you get there you’ll understand why it is the most photographed beach in all of Australia and has won numerous awards for its beauty!

whitsundays-4At the northern end of Whitehaven Beach is Hill Inlet, a cove where the tide moves the sand and the sea creating a beautiful fusion of colours. As the tide shifts, the white silica sand and turquoise shades of the inlet blend seamlessly to create a breathtaking view of swirling Whitsunday colours….which is a different pattern each and every single day!

whitsundays-10I couldn’t recommend a trip to The Whitsundays more… even if its the only thing you visit in Australia you must go! Whether you wish to cruise through the islands and drop an anchor for a snorkel or scuba diving trip, spend a fun day at the famous Whitehaven Beach, or pick an island, and go off the beaten track amongst the hillside national park trails on foot/mountain bike I assure you… you will have the time of your life!


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