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Searching for a Holiday to Australia from Ireland? You have come to the perfect place! Heffernan’s Travel in Cork, Ireland, plan thousands of holidays to Australia each year. Holiday to Australia from Ireland in style with Heffernan’s Travel.

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The extreme north is tropical; the southeast and southwest more Mediterranean.

Australia has many beaches and reefs that are popular with surfers and divers such as the Great Barrier Reef, Bondi Beach and Surfers Paradise.

The center of Australia is mostly desert with very little water. The famous Ayers Rock or Uluru is found here and is a popular tourist attraction.

In the North of Australia you can find rain-forests and warmer weather as it is close to the tropics. The Daintree Rain-forest is famous for its beauty and hiking trails.

Are you searching for Holidays to Bondi Beach?¬†¬†Holidays abroad to Ayer’s Rock. Holidays to Sydney. Bondi Beach surfing and swimming.

Heffernan’s Travel is your number one stop for finding a holiday. Sun, Sea and Sand holidays in Australia. Surfing and swimming in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. Visit National Park’s and see Kangaroo’s, Wombat’s & Koila Bear’s in the wild!



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